Lots of us are on health and fitness programs. That's a good thing. The first step toward being a strong athlete is physical conditioning. Strength training is easily measured with climbing because it is task or "project" oriented. When a project is completed, you are stronger.

"Boulder Problems" were born in fields of stone the world over. Many San Diego bouldering areas were destinations for hard climbing during the "Golden Age" of climbing (Robbins' Crack!) and continue to test athletes to this day. San Diego was also home to some climbing's best artificial hold manufacturers.

Modern materials have made climbing indoors a real pleasure. The hold texture is grippy, but not sharp. The shapes are ergometric to reduce strain on muscles and tendons. The ability to move add, move and rotate holds allows the creation of a "perfect" climb to master. My wall has newly-installed unclimbed lines right now that are open projects. Come get the first ascent!

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