Not everyone has a climbing wall, so working a project can be a time-sucking hassle. Packing gear, getting there, hiking in, setting up... It's a lot of work. Unless you are like me and made my own climbing. Now, when I make the effort to climb outdoors, I'm in condition.

I started to feel a bit guilty about how easy it is for me to climb, thus the open home gym for guest training. Now you can come work my projects and make them your own. Some of our training programs include routesetting so you can craft a climb that will inspire you greater heights.

By providing you with the physical location to work out, train and send your projects, it becomes possible to develop an urban climbing regimen that will bring new levels of meaning to your life. The fulfillment of hard accomplishments is one of the surest methods of gaining real and lasting satisfaction. Plus, you will love the extreme workout feeling a climbing pump provides!

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